One Day

Script for Toastmasters Speech P1: The Ice Breaker

Every morning, my smart phone beeps beside my pillow at 6:10AM. I open my eyes, greeting a whole new day.

Dressing, washing, and having breakfast, I leave home at 6:55AM. Generally, it takes me thirty minutes to drive to the company.

As you know, I’m a safety scientist. Before this position, I was a physician. In the university, I majored in clinical medicine. After seven-year studying, I obtained a master degree of neurology, becoming a neurologist.

Neurology, at least from my mentor’s viewpoint, is an outstanding subject. It’s too distinct for other physicians to understand. So my mentor always says, only genius is able to have a good command of neurology. Sure, who he refers to should be himself, rather than me. Otherwise, I should have still stayed in the hospital. Fortunately, the experience as a neurologist also helped me to take the role of a medical science liaison responsible for anti-diabetic drugs. And now, I’m serving as a safety person.

Most of people may not know what a safety person is doing from a pharmaceutical. Actually, one and a half years ago, I didn’t know, either. However, if you read the package insert of some medication, you are certain to notice the sections of contraindications and warnings and precautions. Yes, those are my responsibilities.

As a safety scientist, I’m dedicated to almost all work related to describing safety profile for one medication, from analyzing safety database, to preparing relevant dossiers. Importantly, adverse drug reactions may be the fourth highest cause of death in the United States. Therefore, I believe my work will prevent patients from unnecessary injuries.

At 3:30PM, finishing my daily work, I like to immerse myself in the gymnasium for two major reasons. Firstly, I hope to control my weight. I know quite well the harm of overweight and obesity. So I made a decision to keep fit when I saw my belly. Secondly, exercise keeps me refreshed and dynamic. The theory of energy management also mentions this effect. Apart from resistance exercise, I go jogging outdoors sometimes.

At 5PM, I go back home. After dinner, it’s free time. By free time, I mean that there are a few options, such as reading, writing, internet surfing, and so on. Basically, I deem learning English the most important one. As a victim of dumb English, speaking and listening really embarrass me. I’m trying to change it, especially encouraged by Professor Ge Chuangui’s masterpiece. I recommend his book strongly, if you are interested. Additionally, I also like to share my experience and knowledge on Zhihu and my blog. A few years later, it would be interesting if I looked backwards.

At 11PM, it’s time for bed.

Above is my ordinary life of one day, regular, busy, but enriched. Through my life, you may know me better. I work with my clinical background to mitigate patients’ risks associated with use of medications. I like to exercise. Besides that, I also have some other hobbies.

That’s one day of mine; that’s my life; and that’s me.